How It Works

The skin is the organ which is most exposed to the harsh environmental conditions, including sun rays, UV rays and the wind.


Use on your Face

Take the cream on your face everyday
leave the cream from 15 minutes to 40
and you will never have a dry skin problems.


Nourish Your Face

Your face needs nourishion 24/7 day
to help the skin with hydration
just use anti drying skin cream.


Enjoy Your Life

What is better to have a Active & Light skin?
when your skin is rested and full of vitamins
our cream was formulated for use by women across all skin types.

Skin Care Features

Feeling the pressure of spring’s social calendar to look and feel photo-ready?

The next time you open your beauty cabinet, check the ingredients list for these four skincare elements for flawless, healthy skin.

How Does It Works?

Many skin care products, including cleansers and moisturisers, contain harsh chemicals that could be doing your skin more harm than good. Look for a simple ingredient list containing primarily organic, natural and plant-based extracts.

  • The rise of superfoods has seen us tipping copious goji berries into our smoothies, so why wouldn’t we use the same logic when it comes to our skin-care?

  • Cotterill suggests looking for plant-based ingredients that are going to provide sufficient antioxidants for improved skin health, such as bearberry leaf and white mulberry extract.

  • Sourcing products that include hyaluronic acid – a natural structural component of the skin – helps to retain moisture and improve its beauty, according to Cotterill.